Time Tested Processes:

Aikon Limited provides comprehensive Facility Management services for all types of properties. Our team of professionals follows time-tested processes based on the corporate vision, thereby harnessing hundreds of tools to meet the daily challenges of managing a flourishing estate. From carrying out meticulous maintenance planning, regular safety drills, stringent security measures, establishing dedicated complaint handling systems, to prompt and effective action in case of an emergency, we follow a customer and value driven approach for the assets we manage. We help identify and manage project risks before they can become a problem. Through our quest for excellence, constant innovation, and commitment, we achieve significant cost savings for our clients. We develop communities and promote camaraderie and cooperation by nipping contentious issues in the bud and letting residents, clients or customers, truly enjoy life.

Facilities management is a critical, strategic business discipline. Organizations increasingly occupy complex buildings and use sophisticated technology for communications and control. Professional Facility Managers are needed to plan, maintain and manage these facilities. It is part of the drive to meet the higher demands of organizations and individuals. Whether as employees, customers, students or patients, people have higher expectations of their living, working and leisure environments.

Good facilities management can deliver flexibility, adaptability and sustainability. It can help organizations respond to cost pressures or the need for greater security. Beyond buildings, it can enable remote working.   Today facilities managers today are expected to understand their company’s core business and contribute to the bottom line—not only by reducing operating costs, but also by improving the productivity, revenue generating capacity and image of the entire organization.

Facilities management professionals are good stewards of the earth’s limited resources. They engage best practices in sustainability whenever possible to ensure operations are energy efficient, environmentally sound and promote the wellbeing of occupants. They also help preserve natural resources, work to limit organizational footprints and prefer doing business with other similarly responsible organizations. At its best it is a real differentiator and in the commercial sphere can provide a competitive advantage. 

Aikon Limited achieves significant cost savings for the clients. Our quest for excellence, constant endeavors and commitment will shape your businesses with improved productivity and comfort.