Structural Integrity:

We provide engineered solutions for each stage of a pipeline's life cycle. With a variety of maintenance, inspection, cleaning and support available, pipeline services ensures structural integrity for safe and effective operations.

Aikon Limited increases pipeline safety with inspection services, testing, cleaning, and drying. By engineering our services to suit your specific project, you’ll have a more cost-effective solution.

Whether a new system is going online or an existing system needs maintenance, our range of services will help you to meet pipeline safety regulations. Once your pipeline has been operating for a few years, you’ll need to check if it is still in good condition. We have pipeline inspection tools to examine the issues that can cause you problems, such as corrosion, pipeline movement, mechanical damage, or problems with cathodic protection.


Debris in the pipeline can affect throughput, cause corrosion, increase operating cost, and prevent proper inspection. Our technology removes different deposits, including wax, liquids, black powder, rust, and millscale. We’ll get you back on track and improve the efficiency of your system without taking it offline.

Finally, when you need to take the system out of operation whether for maintenance or at the end of its life, we can remove the product safely by purging with nitrogen and leave the pipeline in a condition that won’t hurt the environment.

We are a full-service pipeline system consulting firm with the expertise to manage and implement any part of a pipeline or associated facility projects. From concept through commissioning, Wood Group has the personnel to consistently deliver high-quality services. With experience in virtually all major markets, we have the expertise and knowledge to get your project done on time and on budget.